Why offer Home Advantage Dialysis in your facility?

Competitive Benefits:

In today's very competitive healthcare market why not offer a service that no one in your area can offer? By partnering with Home Advantage Dialysis to bring in home dialysis services right to your residents you position yourself as a leader in your market as you now have an offering unique to your community. This will lead to:

  • Increased overall census.
  • Increased brand recognition and differentiation. 
  • Improved insurance reimbursements by increasing your case mix index.
  • Reduce transportation expenses.
  • Reduce hospitalizations amongst your dialysis resident population. 
  • Maximize rehabilitation reimbursement for your dialysis residents as they will now have the flexibility and improved energy to participate.  
  • Simplify care coordination for your dialysis residents as transportation needs are eliminated. 
  • Improved resident satisfaction as their quality of life is significantly enhanced and they are offered maximum flexibility.  

Facility Benefits:

The facilities that partner with Home Advantage Dialysis have recognized additional benefits to their communities and their dialysis residents. Below are just a few to keep in mind.

  • Home Advantage Dialysis offers a simplified solution with minimal demands on the operational team and staff. You can offer a new service line with minimal investment to begin.  
  • Improved care coordination for dialysis residents. The Home Advantage Dialysis team will partner with the interdisciplinary team at your facility and the nephrologist to ensure the best possible care is provided and all parties have input into the residents care plan. 
  • Additional employee and staff training offered to help your team better understand issues associated with dialysis residents. 
  • Marketing and support materials available if needed to further promote the partnership and services offered. 
  • Regulated by the Federal and State agencies ensuring continued quality and consistent practice.

Partner Provider Benefits:

Your facility works with many other healthcare organizations (hospitals, independent and assisted living communities, home care, hospice, etc.) within your market to coordinate the best possible care for your residents. By offering Home Advantage Dialysis's services in your facility you now have additional benefits you can share with your community healthcare partners to further enhance that partnership and relationship. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Easier care coordination for dialysis residents. 
  • Reduced time and energy required in setting up a transition of a dialysis resident from one setting to another as there are no transportation needs and no clinic schedules to try to work around.  
  • Improved outcomes and quality reducing re-hospitalizations for dialysis residents, offering savings to providers. 
  • Improved resident satisfaction leaving a positive impact on the resident with all healthcare providers assisting in their plan of care. 

Discover the advantage with Home Advantage Dialysis.

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